Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Catholics for Ron Paul

Followed a link from Mark Shea's blog Catholic and Enjoying It.

Yes, based on the principle of subsidiarity and prudential judgement we know that any social ill is best addressed at the most local level. We also know that when an issue is absorbed by a higher level of authority, the local level tends to become pathetic and passive because "it is no longer my problem." Compassionate liberals who vote for big government programs to solve social problems don't volunteer or give nearly as much money to charitable organizations as small government conservatives. This is because subsidiarity matters. - Catholics for Ron Paul

Rather at the level that is most appropriate, beginning with the individual, the family, local, then state, then federal. There are legitimate roles for each of the levels. When one usurps the proper function of another, then societal dysfunction is the result. Ron Paul understands this.

Most of us are so used to the all-pervasive State that we no longer even question the proper role of government. Libertarians of all stripes have been making this argument for years, only to be labelled as kooks or worse. It appears that Paul may finally making some headway, at least he's introducing libertarian - and, if only coincidentally, Catholic - principles into the debate.

He may not be your father's candidate - or even your grandfather's - but your Founding Father's would recognise Paul as a compatriot.

Ron Paul is a breath of fresh air.


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