Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Peer Review

Academia is hierarchical - every bit as much as the Catholic church - and peer review is one of the methods used to maintain the hierarchy. There is no due process or check-and-balance and the review is done out of the public eye. What makes you think that peer review is impartial? Even the name “peer review” is a misnomer, since it is really the academic elite who run the show.

"Peer review suffers from the referee’s paradox. This paradox goes as follows: Who is best qualified to judge (or referee) an article? The best qualified are those who are in the article’s sub-field. But those people also ought not to be allowed to do it because it represents a conflict of interest for them. But to let others judge the article is to have it be judged by those who aren’t fully qualified. Thus, no one can be trusted to judge an article, either because it’s a conflict of interest for them or because they aren’t fully qualified." - JFP, responding to Jonah Goldberg in a comment at Townhall.com


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