Friday, January 12, 2007


Two Moonbats and ESPNU


Is it my imagination or does it look like he's already paid a visit to the embalmer?

After committing political hara kiri with his latest book, Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid, I'm thinking it may be appropriate. Based on Carter's activities the past few years, I'm also thinking the fewer ex-presidents making a public nuisance of themselves the better.


On a totally unrelated note, whilst I was playing on the internet yestereve, my dear wife was channel surfing and somehow got stuck on a rerun of a Jane Fonda lecture from May of '06 on her book My Life So Far which aired on the UCTV channel that Dish Network - damn them! - seems to think I need in my basic satellite package instead of something useful, like ESPNU* - damn Disney!

After listening to Fonda rattle on about everything from life with a capitalist ("Why can't they all be like Ted") to right-wingers (They say mean and totally untrue things about her, I guess) I was then blessed to have to listen to her take on Christian theology and feminism. I heard lots of words like "sisterhood" and stunning insights like "Jesus was a feminist" (and revolutionary!)

I'm going to find a transcript for the program, mostly because I need commentary material, and also because I won't be able to listen to the moonbat again because after contemplating Jesus as a metrosexual Che Guevara I jammed the scissors into my ears to make it stop.**


* Disney can KMA. If every sporting event in America was going to be televised on ESPNU, I wouldn't pay for the upgrade. They need to put billiards and poker tournaments on the "U" and see who would pay for it and get back to actual sports programming on their flagship station. I'm about to jettison the whole package. Between ESPN, 2 and NEWS and the two alternate channels I'm already "blessed" with I barely watch more than a half hour of content a night anyway, and that's to read the ticker.

** Not really. I did ask the ol' lady why I had to be subjected to that crap*** and not only didn't she turn the channel, she didn't even turn it down. I asked her why she watched it, and I never did get a good reason, but she voted for Bush and is more Catholic than the Pope, so go figure.

*** I will have my revenge. I'm stopping at the vid store to buy another copy of Kelly's Heroes. She HATES that movie. Always with those negative waves...I'm thinking The Mike Curb Congregation at 100 db is fitting revenge.

UPDATE: (later that same day...) I fired off an e-mail to UCTV requesting a transcript. Apparently, they are going to re-air the program at 4:30 am on my birthday - not likely - and again at some unGodly hour - 1:00am - on Sunday. Check your local listings.

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