Tuesday, January 02, 2007


My Grandmother died yesterday.


She was 90.

In the 35 years since my Grandfather died, she's lived in Florida or Nebraska or Nevada, or I've lived out of state or I've been busy with my own brood. She'd been in a nursing home the last couple of weeks because she needed more care than my Aunt - heroic woman! - could give her and I missed her over Christmas. Come this past weekend and I had intended to go to the nursing home to see her. I had to work Saturday, and I had Grandkid #1 after church and all day yesterday and #2 yesterday afernoon, so the visit never happened.

We always think there'll be another time. Sometimes there isn't.

I felt bad when I heard the news, of course. But it bothers me a little that I didn't feel worse. There isn't the hole I should feel for someone who was a part of my life for 48 years. She'd been sick for some time, and I suppose I've known for a while now that she was going to die. Maybe that's why it hasn't really hit me yet.

I love you, Mimi. I always felt a little silly as a grown man calling you by the name I gave you as a toddler. Now I won't ever be able to feel embarassed about that again. I wish I could have felt embarassed at least once more.

I pray that God grant you eternal rest and may you be with Him in Heaven today!

Jane McPhail Frew Rigdon (Mimi) 1916-2007

Rest in Peace

UPDATE: 1/5/2007 The funeral was today. It's hit me finally. As I watched her great-great grandchildren play in the back of Lawrence United Methodist Church's hall, I can't help but feel that she lives on.

God be with ye, Mimi.

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