Friday, January 19, 2007


Illegals again...


One of my grandparents was a naturalized citizen (from the Ukraine) and my wife is Hispanic. Her grandparents were also naturalized. I know why immigrants come and I do not object to their presence so long as they are here legally and they behave themselves. If and when they become naturalized citizens, I will welcome them and their children as such.

True charity would dictate that we insist the Mexican and other Central American governments do something about the sorry states of affairs in their own country and desist from depending on the US to do what they should be doing for their own citizens.

The politician who proposes the following is going to get strong consideration for my vote:

1. Build the fence. An open border policy is simply insane. It's no more rational than leaving your door unlocked.

2. Amend the laws on citzenship to exclude children born of non-naturalized citizens.

3. Offer guest visas to those already here. AFTER A REASONABLE TIME, deport those we find who do not have one. Deport those who should not be here (criminals, etc) immediately.

4. Offer permanent visas to those who qualify.

5. Let those who wish to become citizens do so when they have met the criteria.

Charity does not demand that we let everyone in who wants in. The Church does not give the Eucharist to every Tom, Pablo and Ivan that walks in the door. They are supposed to be one of us, and while we can and do welcome them, there is a process they have to go through to qualify as "one of us."

You know - RCIA, baptism, confirmation and all that legalistic stuff? Even a cradle Catholic has to be reconciled to the Church before he can receive.

And while we're at it:

"Anchor baby" is a perfectly good term.

A "racist" is not someone who disagrees with you no matter what your relative skin colors.

There is a difference between "legal" and "illegal" immigration.

"Discrimination" is perfectly reasonable - it's why you choose Chips Ahoy over Famous Amos - and is not synonymous with "racism."

Your imperfect interpretation of Church social teaching is not a bludgeon to be used in an argument over points of law and policy; I am no less Catholic because I may disagree with you. Whatever else the Bishop of Wherever has to say on faith and morals, his position on what he thinks America should do to secure her borders is irrelevant unless he is also a citizen and can vote.

Illegal immigrants are here. We need to treat them as human beings and take care of them as well as we are able and deport them as fast as is humanely practical if they do not deserve to be here.

I'm not asking for a lily-white America. I am demanding that our immigration policy at least be coherent.


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