Thursday, December 07, 2006


Just to make sure I get this in before Saturday -

Kentucky SUCKS!
What's the difference between a PUke and a pUKe? The color of the uniform. You can't even spell SUCKS without UK.

All expressions of partisan rancor aside, the game Saturday will be the true tale of the tape for the Hoosiers. As good as Duke is, they're dysfunctional offensively. Butler and Duke exposed the IU offense as inadequate, although defensively IU is starting to look pretty good. IU needs to play a complete game on both ends of the court to beat Contucky at Rupp Arena. I'm somewhat encouraged after the pasting IU gave Western Illinois (92-40) last night, but we'll see come Saturday in another rivalry game where we are as a team - and as a fan I may hate to lose to the PUkes, but I really hate to lose to the pUKes.

I know it's early in the season, but a loss to Kentucky and the Hoosiers likely go into the Big Ten at 10-3 with no "quality wins" for the selection committee to look at come selection Sunday. IU needs this win.


I've decided that I really hate the B-10 conference tourney. The regular season has become nearly meaningless. It's bad enough that in the minds of many the NCAA is the sole yardstick for success for a program. While we've won the crapshoot 5 times, the regular season needs to be more meaningful again.

Kill the B-10 tourney and return to round-robin play.


While I'm tilting at windmills - can we please return the open class tourney to Indiana high school basketball? I've gone from going to sectionals and regionals to watching one or two of the finals games on TV to merely reading about the games in the paper. I can't name the State champs in the four classes from last year and furthermore - I NO LONGER CARE.

Your product sucks.


Congrats to UCSB, winners of the College Cup. If IU had to be eliminated in the tourney, at least it was by the eventual champion.

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