Friday, December 01, 2006



Friday again...


Lots of rain the past couple of days. Middle Fork was out of its banks when I came to work this morning and South Fork was really high. The pond in the side yard, while not at record depth, is still plenty big.

All the dire predictions of snow failed to pan out however. Plenty of the stuff north of us though. It's been nearly 30 years since a snowfall more than just a petty annoyance around here, and while I remain a global warming sceptic - or a zetetic (word of the day. Thanks, Vox!) - it does seem that winters aren't as harsh as they used to be. Maybe I just have more years of experience. Come to hink of it, I remember a warm February day in 75 or 76 when I was hanging out in the neighborhood in shirtsleeves. Then came 77-78...

The twins were born between snowstorms in January of 82 and Christmas of 82 was cold as hell and windy.

Bah. The Ice Age cometh! Either that or Global Warming. Clowns to the left of me; jokers to the right...


Just bought tix to The Who in Indy March 6th; I'm looking forward to that. Now that I'm approaching 50 I'm starting to get around to some of the stuff I wanted to do when I was 25. There's a pretty good chance I'll remember the last couple of shows a lot better than I remember the first few. My clearest memory of Sabbath in 75 was the drive home. The timed stoplights on Illinois Street were utterly fascinating.

I'm told that Kiss, Uriah Heep, Golden Earring, the James Gang, etc. were good shows. I was there. You think I'd know? Errr...


The Hoosiers, coming off a loss to Duke at Cameron, have Charlotte tomorrow.

And damned if Butler didn't win the whole thing.


The tree is up. That gets tougher every year. If youngest daughter didn't badger me it wouldn't happen at all. I need to get a less complicated tree.

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