Friday, December 15, 2006


Dawkins Delusional?


Haven't read Dawkins "God Delusion" yet - so much to read and so little time - and frankly it's low on my reading list.

I'm not a "professional" layman. I have a daytime job and a wife and children and grandchildren who would feel ill-used if I didn't pay enough attention to them. I have other interests and I am also the chief mechanic and handyman around the house.

I get recommendations to read anti-Christian or anti-Catholic screeds all the time, which is tiresome enough, but I no longer question my faith vis atheism or agnosticism or Catholicism. Those issues, for me, were settled some time ago and I've no wish to go through that again.

It was painful enough the first time.

My time is better spent learning about my Lord than in learning why some don't know Him.

Please, do me a favor. Spare me. If that sounds like I'm not interested in your particular athiaganticath author du jour, well I'm not.

I am however interested in what you think.

I'd prefer my blog be a conversation spot. I can read essays by people more competent than I to write them, and it's not all that hard to link to them.


I don't claim to be the world's best example of a Christian. There are times I step back and wonder if my blog posts are always up to the One Whose standards I should be meeting.

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