Wednesday, December 20, 2006


#7 Picks Off #2!


The Blue and the Gray Fantasy Football League playoffs saw only one upset in the opening round as the #7 Hoosiers, who backed into the playoffs on the heels of 5 straight losses after starting the season 6-3 - at one point we were 5-0! - beat #2 Fort Knocks, despite sup-par performances from SD QB Rivers and the the Bears' defense looking more like Detroit's against the mighty Buccaneers.

It's been a strange season. Byron Leftwich was my starting QB in week one with Rothlisburger on the roster as I waited for him to come off the injured list. I now start Chad Pennington or Phillip Rivers - neither models of consistency. Rivers' QB rating last week was atrocious.

Next up are the #3 Bummers, who thumped me good in week 9, our only meeting. The Bears play Detroit and the Jets, who have everything to play for, go against Miami, who is going nowhere.

Pennington, Berrien, Harrison and the Bears defense should have good games.

I like my chances in the semi-finals.

Go Hoosiers!

12/28/06 UPDATE: The Bears' defense was underwhelming, coming in at 9 points. Given a couple of no-shows from other players on my roster who I normally don't count on for more than a couple of points - late season replacements, but I have to start someone - and my Hoosiers find themselves in the consolation game after a four point loss. I'm rooting for the Bummers to win it all. Oh well. I was lucky to make the playoffs at all.

1/2/07 UPDATE: The Bummers won it all; my Hoosiers got drilled in their consolation matchup with Bullets, and the The Blue and Gray Fantasy Football League is done for the year.

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