Tuesday, September 12, 2006


So much for that...

Daily posting?


Who was I kidding?

Since last post:

Grandchild #5 was born on the 7th. 7# 2oz, 22 inches long, requisite number of fingers and toes and all beautiful. Her brother and sister are towheads like their mother, but she's darker haired like her father. We'll see when she loses her baby hair, but I think we have a brunette this time.

Welcome to the world Keira!

Sorry, but this is as good as it gets. This is probably the least fucked up spot in the least fucked up country in the least fucked up part of the world. Which ain't saying much anymore.

Still, you should know that as long as I'm sucking air, you've got an ally and an advocate. May the Lord be your Shepherd.


All is right with the world as my Hoosiers are unbeaten (2-0) and preparing to face the evil Salukis in Memorial Stadium. 1-AA #16 Southern Illinois will not be a cakewalk. Go Hoosiers!

The Colts won their opener in the Manning Bowl, but our defense was exposed as undersized. If the Giants OC had had any sense they'd have pounded the ball down our throats all night and probably won the game. Next up is the Texans, a very winnable division matchup.

Thanks, kel!

kel's Fine-Line is soon to become history as she closes it down to remake it into a writers' board. Good luck with that, kel! You'll miss the aggravation, you know you will!

Erin - if you read this, send me the DVD! kel says you had it transferred to digital. I swear it won't end up on YouTube!


That's it for today.

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