Tuesday, August 29, 2006



Isn't Sam hot today? Zed is kinda cool, of all the characters I relate to him best. Wouldn't you just like to smack Jan? Damon is thinking with the wrong head, or else he wouldn't be in this predicament. Wouldn't you like to SMACK Jan?

I've spent most of today's allotment of good ideas on other people's blogs.

Apocalypto looks like it might be a good flick, not that you could tell anything from the trailer. It comes out December 8th.

My daughter had a yard sale in my yard Friday and Saturday. She finally decided to put it away last night. During a driving rainstorm. After 3 days of nearly perfect weather. I think women are inherently nuts.

The Red Sox are fading into oblivion. I don't hold out any hope of a comeback this late in the game. Their season ended at Fenway in the 5-game debacle against the Yanks. They haven't looked good since.

It's still a perfect football season. My Hoosiers haven't taken the field, so there's still reason for hope, however scant. I know how Cub Fan feels. The Colts are stinking up the preseason again, but we're still undefeated in the regular season.

Oh, well. That's it for today!

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