Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Mi casa, su launch pad?

A picture is worth any number of hyperventilating ... nevermind.

Here is Israeli video evidence of what Israel (and most of the civilized world) knows to be the case:

Hez is using civilians as human shields.

Put things into perspective. How many dead and wounded "civilians" - if there are truly any civilians in the benighted minds of Hezbollah - have been killed or injured in this war?

Compared to how many would have been killed or injured during the carpet bombing necessary to take out a target in the bad old days, that is.

Israel is doing what it can to minimize collateral casualties. Hez would help if they'd quit using the family homestead for a launch site.

OTOH, you've got to see it from Hez's POV. Come out in the open and die.

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