Friday, July 28, 2006


What else is news?

Philosophy Professor Stephen Kershnar claims he was denied a promotion to a full professorship after he wrote three opinion articles criticizing the university's affirmative action policy, its student code, and its lack of conservative professors.

In a letter, SUNY-Fredonia President Dennis Hefner told Kershnar he would not be promoted because of his "deliberate and repeated misrepresentations of campus policies ... to the media." Hefner later told the professor that, if he wanted a promotion, he would have to agree to a contract requiring him to get "unanimous consent" from a university committee before writing anything publicly about the university again. Kershner refused to sign the contract.
- agape press

Well, I hope to shout.

If Prof Kershnar worked for hoosiertoo Truck Repair and wrote op ed pieces for the local fishwrap criticising my hiring practices and my work rules, he'd be unemployed.

Before you get the idea I didn't get the point - yeah, all the genuflecting before the altar of "Free Speech" that the Leftards that run the universities do, you'd figure, what, that they would extend the same courtesy to their political opponents?

As if.

Think they'll behave any better if they manage to get the complete power they so desperately want?

As if.

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