Tuesday, July 25, 2006


A Libertarian Alternative in the Indiana 9th.

I have been privileged to meet Dr. Schansberg while at the Acton University in Grand Rapids this past June. I feel that he would make a fine Congressman for Indiana, if that isn't an insult to him. Hey, he's volunteering for the job!

Seriously, if all the people who moaned about the shoddy job the "Bi-factional ruling party" does would cast a vote for real change, we might actually see some.

Please God, make it so!

If only he'd run in the 4th...

"Dr. Eric Schansberg has been a professor of Economics at Indiana University in New Albany for 14 years. He is an active writer with two books on public policy, including Turn Neither to the Right nor to the Left: A Thinking Christian's Guide to Politics and Public Policy.

Dr. Schansberg is also an evangelical Christian who has taught Bible studies for 15 years. He is the author of a Bible study on the book of Joshua and is the co-author of a 21-month Discipleship Curriculum, Thoroughly Equipped. Eric has been married to Tonia for 11 years and is the proud father of four boys—two by adoption and two the more conventional way."

Schansberg For Congress

from a report filed by David Mann July 15th, Jeffersonville/New Albany Evening News/Tribune

• Fox News Channel, June 26, from Tight rematch fought in rural Indiana district — “On the other hand, Eric Schansberg, a professor of economics at (sic) ‘Indiana University at Albany’ who is running as a Libertarian in the race, said voters seem unenthusiastic about either man. Too much political grandstanding and not a lot of substantive debate on the issues important to people — like gas prices, taxes, Social Security and overspending in Washington, D.C. — is taking its toll. ‘I don't think you find a lot of people who will say ‘I’m a huge Hill supporter.’ Same with Sodrel,’ said Schansberg, who argues Sodrel won in 2004 by riding Bush's coattails. ‘He was just a placeholder for the Republicans, just like Hill was a placeholder for the Democrats.’”

I need to get a cute little LP imaged link to go with the CP one.

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