Friday, July 21, 2006


Just do it, Ted!

Cynthia McKinney's opponent in the Democratic primary, Hank Johnson, has received a campaign contribution from the National FOP.

His main appeal seems to be that he isn't Cynthia McKinney, which certainly makes him more qualified to be a Congressman than McKinney, IMO. He has forced a runoff election to be held August 8th.

The FOP is still miffed over the Congresswoman's alleged striking of a Capitol cop who was merely trying to ID her.

I suppose we should all be thankful that Mr.Johnson, who, in an article that appeared in the Atlanta Jounal-Courier expressed his gratitude for the contribution by saying, "I'm honored our campaign has the strong support of those who risk their lives to preserve a civil, peaceful society," has taken it upon himself to rid the Congress of a national embarassment.

It's a little disheartening though that, apparently, being an utter idiot isn't reason enough to "un-elect" a Democrat Congresswoman in Alabama for 47% of Democrat voters in the primary. Maybe the FOP contribution will help Mr. Johnson get the job done.

Hey, I say whatever works.

Now if we could just provoke Ted Kennedy into smacking a cop...

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