Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I'm Sorry...

I've decided to force myself to post daily. Usually I roam the internet and post comments on other blogs. Really, it's what I like to do. Posting my own thoughts doesn't interest me nearly as much as finding out what others think.

Hell, I already know what I think. Posting it to the blog seems to be hubris, of so great a sin can be attributed to such a small vanity. It's just silly.

Oooo, I have a .wav snippet of John Cleese saying that! Look for it soon - maybe when the page is refreshed.

Nevertheless, I'm on the one-a-day plan from now on. I'm sure my one reader will care. Hope I don't overwork her.

kel, you really should comment more. At least help me make it LOOK like there might be some activity around here.

Swiped a cool idea from Degrees of Freedom; look for a random quote generator soon...

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