Monday, July 24, 2006


Going Wobbly?

It appears that Israeli PM Olmert is having a second think about the Israeli war against Hizbullah in Lebanon. It's looking more and more like air power isn't having the desired effect on the organization's infrastructure. The IDF is facing the prospect of a bloody house to house and bunker to bunker fight with Hizbullah, who seem to welcome the prospect.

Surprise, surprise.

With the US in Iraq acting as a buffer between Iran and it's proxies in Syria, Gaza and Lebanon, if the the Israelis are ever going to take the bull by the horns and eliminate Hizbullah and Hamas as a threat, it's got to be now. To sue for peace and back out will only embolden their opponents - who seem to be plenty cheeky enough right at the moment - and the beginning of the end for the Jewish state, if Israel isn't undefendable already.

I pray it isn't so, but I don't see any good on the horizon for Israel.

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