Monday, July 31, 2006


Any way you look at this you lose...

It's looking more and more like Hez is going to win this one as Israel is being pushed into a cease-fire by her putatitve allies - well, ally. Condi Rice is under the impression the cease-fire can be accomplished this week.

However you spin it, if Hez comes out of this intact, Israel (and the West) loses.

What is it with the West and our seeming inability to deal with the reality of "war" against terrorists?


A snippet from a letter to the editor, translated from the German: Der Tagesspiegel - the link is in German.

Thanks Pajamas Media for the link.

The translation is mine; my German is abyssmal, but this is pretty close.

"The social work of the Party of God (Hezbollah) consisted of building on these shelters (munitions depot) a school and a house! A local sheikh explained to me laughing that the Jews in each case lose, either because the rockets (are shot at Israel) or because if (Israel) attacked the camps, they are condemned by the world public (opinion) due to the civilian deaths. The Lebanese (people) do not interest these people (Hezbollah) at all, who uses her people as described (human shields) and if dead as propaganda. As long as they exist there, there will be no way to make peace." ~Dr. Mounir Herzallah,

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