Friday, April 07, 2006



Since my last post I have attended a 4 day training seminar in Indy, attended a weekend retreat, gone to my KofC meeting and met with my brothers to from the next CRHP team.

I took Wednesday off to play with the grandkids. I bought a couple of cheap RC planes and flew them around the back yard. I wish I felt like a 2 year old looked when enraptured by something as fascinating as a toy airplane.

This is my second day in a row pulling a double. I have to come in for a full shift tomorrow. The only saving grace is that as a supervisor, I get to do pretty much what I want to do.

The upshot is that until now, I've been busy as a cat in a sandbox.

So here I sit playing on the computer for obscene money per hour.

Laughing all the way to the bank, I am.


Christ Renews His Parish...

Spent last weekend at a guided retreat for men. I highly recommend it. Ordinarily I prefer solitude and silence, but fraternity has been missing from my life and it's good to share a bond with other men over something more substantial than sports.

Remember that feeling about the toy airplane? That might be something like the why I felt coming out of the weekend. Maybe more important than the weekend itself was the follow-up meeting Tuesday night.

My Other Religion...

Ending weeks of speculation and anxiety in Hoosier Nation (a worn out cliche already) IU has announced the hiring of Kelvin Sampson.

At least we got a good coach. I'll be pleased to watch good basketball again. MD's offense was cringe-inducing most of the time.

Now it's OU's turn for speculation and anxiety. Wichita State has offered to up the ante for Turgeon (mentioned for the IU job - as if there was a coach in the country that wasn't) amid rumors that Oklahoma was planning to go after him.

It's much more fun to watch someone else suffer for a change.

Politics, Current Events and other BS...

I'm in one of my moods.

I'm worn out.

I don't care.

I loathe politics.

The End of an Era...

Well, sorta.

As of 4/30/06, the Gods and Generals Message Board at Warner Brothers will cease to exist.

I more or less abandoned the board some time ago, but it was a part of my life for 3 or so years and I suppose I would miss it if it wasn't for kel's site - which is where a bunch of the folks at the WB site will end up.

I hope.

Next month I'm headed East and would like to get Tec and Pete to have a brew with me in Gettysburg. Or somewhere.

Tec promised he'd buy me a beer a couple years ago. I still intend to hold him to it.

Even if he says he doesn't remember.

I never forget about beer.

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