Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Now that I'm over my depression...

A decent Gonzaga team beat a very average Indiana team.

Oh, we put a muzzle on Morrison - who needs one - but with no interior help for Killingsworth, we made Bautista & Co look like All Stars. Or maybe the Zags really are that good.

The End of the Davis Era. Feels good just to say it. I don't know if the weight is off Davis' shoulders or not, but it's off mine. I feel better about IU basketball than I have in years. Good luck to Coach Davis and his family.

Impressions of the Tourney so far:

Wichita State beating Tennessee is no surprise. Tennessee getting a 2 seed was. Can GMU beat WSU twice in a season? I think they can. They already beat the Shockers on WSU's home floor, and this game is in GM's backyard.

Oakland is wide open. I really don't have a feel for who is going to come out of there. My gut says UCLA; my heart says Bradley.

I think that in DC and ATL Duke and UConn hold serve. Maybe it's my gut again - or maybe it's the El Rodeo Taco Salad I had for dinner - but I think BC comes out of Minneapolis.

Or not. That's why I love March. Maybe - just maybe - Hickory High does it this year. Bradley or George Mason or Wichita State win it all? It could happen.

I'd love it.

The predicted spring blizzard passed with nary an inch on the ground.

The only inconvenience is the usual bread and milk shortage. Are women really this nutty? I mean, barring the end of civilisation as we know it were the storm to dump, say, a GLACIER on Indiana, I'm reasonably sure that the snowplows would get the roads cleared enough to enable them to navigate their 4wd SUV's to the local IGA.

Maybe a couple hundred years ago this behavior makes sense. Of course, then these same women would MILK the cow and BAKE the bread. They wouldn't have to go buy it - and the chances are pretty good that they wouldn't even know the winter storm was coming because the freaking alarmist Weather Channel didn't exist.

Speaking of the freaking alarmist Weather Channel:

After Tornado Month, I'm now expected to build a storm shelter when we do the addition. Great.

After Flood Week on Storm Stories, I suppose I'll have to intall davits on the @#$%&*! eaves.

I'd support any candidate who promised to ban the Weather Channel. Since it looks like we might get a la carte channels from our providers now - thanks to some busybody little Nazis in Congress with too much time on their hands, it won't be on the list when I choose my channels.

I've wanted the chance to choose my channels a la carte for, well, ever. Oh, well. If we're going to be run by National Socialists, we may as well get some benefit from regulation.

You should have seen the look on the faces of my students...

when I mentioned that we'd had a revolution once and we could - should - do it again. One wonders how they imagined the USA came into existence.

Our education establishment has done such a wonderful job.

Most of 'em couldn't find Vietnam on a map, but they know somehow that it was bad...why precisely they couldn't tell you.

In '08, some friggin' idiot is going to suggest these woefully ignorant products of the travesty that passes for the public school system should be encouraged to vote. We'd be better off allowing toddlers to randomly push buttons on the voting machines.

Universal suffrage is overrated.

OTOH, if I wasn't on the short list of eligible voters, I imagine I'd be more than a little tempted to off a few gummint officials myself.

It's going to be a long election cycle. I'm already grouchy.

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