Saturday, February 25, 2006


This and That...

* Now that it seems that Ted has given up on his quest to correct my theology, I can go back to posting to myself again. Now that he has heard Truth - not to mention rational argument, maybe he'll come to his senses vis a vis the Church, and while I suspect I'll not see him in Mass anytime soon, I hope he gets out of the hateful Church of Chick.

* It seems that a certain catfish-lovin' hick lawyer from Southern Illannoy - and I don't mean Abe Lincoln - and I are going to be cheering on our respective teams come basketball season for the next couple of years. My beloved Hoosiers will be taking on the evil Salukis in a home-and-home series.
SIU will travel to Bloomington, Ind., early next season. The Hoosiers will roll into SIU Arena on Dec. 1, 2007, for a contest sure to be highly anticipated by Salukis fans. Indiana played at SIU on Dec. 1, 2001, the last time a team from one of the six power conferences ventured into SIU Arena. A sold-out crowd witnessed a 72-60 win by the Salukis.Additionally, SIU football will meet the Big Ten Conference program on Sept. 16. The Hoosiers play at 52,180-seat Memorial Stadium. - The Southern Illinoisan

Come September 16th, we'll give the Salukis a foretaste of defeats to come on the hardwood when we pummel them on the gridiron.

Go Hoosiers!
*Anyway, back to the "Coach Watch." Cavs coach and Hoosier alum Wittman has interviewed for the head coach position at IU. Not much difference between Alford and Wittman, IMO, but at least he doesn't have Alford's record at Iowa to endear him to the Hoosier faithful.
* Sunday's game at Assembly Hall (Senior Day) vs MSU is a must win if we're to make a convincing case for inclusion in the NCAA tourney this year.
I suspect we're NIT bound, though. I wonder if Davis and the team will even bother? After last year's no show against Vandy, I'm not sure there's enough motivation if we have to settle for the NIT to make a run anyway.
* Not that I really give a crap, but the Sunnis and Shiites are making a hash of "democracy" in Iraq. As long as we don't try to play peacemaker between the two warring sides... I think we'd be better off getting the hell out of there and letting them kill each other off. Maybe the Kurds will inherit the whole mess.

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