Friday, February 03, 2006


A Plague on Both Their Houses

Posted this on a message board I infrequently frequent. kel (see links on left) seems to think this is worthy of posting here. As I value kel's opinion, I think I will.


In the *mostly* libertarian discussion groups I regularly follow, Republicans and Democrats are referred to as the "Bi-factional Ruling Party" (BuRP) or, alternately, Republicrats.

I believe the last reference to the idiot wing of the Democratic Party included the words "utterly clueless cretins on the left."

Bush supporters are routinely labelled "Three Monkey Republicans" and the folks (see: NRO) who seem to conflate their religion with a particular political party are routinely - and justly, IMO - derided.

In these circles Hillary Clinton (aka: The Lizard Queen) is the presumed next POTUS, provided the Republicans don't do something stupid like run Condi Rice and split the permanently aggrieved minority vote.

As the only difference this will make for the Republic is, well, not much, I feel confident that a wasted vote for a 3rd Party candidate will still not matter a whit.

Good thing they repealed prohibition.

Bah, humbug.

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