Tuesday, February 14, 2006


In Which I Take On A Chicklet....

The Background:

I have included Dread's post for the sake of continuity, if it's a problem for him, I'll remove it.

Haloscan - from Vox's site:

MM - The challenge is accepted, because nothing is too often taught
that hasn't been sufficiently learned.Gen. Robert E. Lee was the only genuinely
American patriot on the Confederate side. His plan for victory, which would have
avoided a bloody war and restored the republic was soundly and vehemently
rejected by idol-worshipping Jefferson Davis and his Papist advisors. Once the
Vatican had Lincoln under similar control, they had no use for the Confederacy,
and used him to destroy it by doing what The Whore does best: "Let the blood
flow". Thus the vast military resources of the south were squandered and the CSA
was sentenced to a slow, lingering death.The Pope's boys running Davis sold him
the lie of separatism: That they could win by simply defending their own
territory and simply holding the Mason-Dixon line. It survives in too many forms
in strategic and tactical thinking to this day, and has a proven track record of
failure. Only Lee and Quantrell knew better, nobody else on their side gave a
shit to listen...Ted
Homepage 02.09.06 - 10:29 pm #

It's no coincidence the Betsy Ross flag and the Confederate both have 13
stars: One was the swaddling cloth of America, the other was its funeral
garb. Ted
Homepage 02.09.06 - 10:31 pm #
And the Pope, did he micro-manage the battles, too?MMIf you will
ROE, you will come to understand the REAL power of the "papacy" has shifted
from the "white" (visible) pope to the "black" (hidden) pope (the Superior
General of the Society of Jesus). This has been so ever since the
Reformation/Counter-reformation and it's public declaration and confirmation in
the decrees of "The Council of Trent," and reinforcement (albeit modification of
style) in Vatican II.One has got to understand how the "black pope" operates
within the confines of the Thirteen Articles of Warfare ("Art of War"). To
understand ALL warfare within the totality of U.S. history, one must first
understand the development and execution of the 1776 War for Independence.
ROE does not claim to provide all the answers.
However it does pose the serious student on what pertinant questions to
Homepage 02.10.06 - 6:14 am #

MM - The Whore is always after one thing: What she calls in her Canon Law
& Dogma "temporal power", absolute control over every human being on earth,
their finances, and lastly, their religion. The tactics used to acquire same are
the same old political carrot-and-stick: What cannot be obtained by bribery will
be extracted by belligerence. It is the only road open to "a form of
godliness...denying the Power thereof."What Dread refers to as the "White Pope"
is the religious sideshow so many are deluded by, a sugar-coated, good-looking
vaneer of respectability that hides the devil-spirit powered, fear-and-egotism
driven political machine beneath. The phrase "Holy Roman Empire" is more
accurate than most suspect, especially the rank-and-file parishioner getting
ripped off spiritually by her lies.All other religion (man-made forms of
worship) is basically the same: What Islam is now, overtly, the RCC used to be
(inquisitions), and is now covertly. The devil knows most people will choose
looking and/or feeling good over being right, which is how his "merchants of the
earth" move religion. Ted
Homepage 02.10.06 - 10:46 am #

Ted 'n' Dread.Theology by Jack Chick and Erich Von
Daniken.lol hoosiertoo 02.10.06 - 1:32 pm

Nope hoosiertoo just read the Bible and compared it to the "Christian"
lies being moved in the world then did the math.Found it far preferable to
worshipping the earth-bitch.You should try it. Ted
Homepage 02.10.06 - 2:24 pm #

I'm an adult convert who started on the "dark side" and crossed the Tiber after
years of reading the bible and doing the math. hoosiertoo 02.11.06 - 8:40 am

Well hoosiertoo, maybe instead of deriding everyone else's ideas, you
could uncork your *ahem* vast database of arcane wisdom and share it with the
rest of us unenlightened heathen...Unless of course you already know it won't
bare scrutiny and examination.Virtue untested is no virtue at all. Ted
Homepage 02.11.06 - 7:29 pm #

Ah, Ted.Time is at a premium. My own poor blog gets my considered attention maybe once in a blue moon.My *ahem* "vast database of arcane wisdom" is neither vast nor arcane. It does, in fact, consist mostly of dull, sometimes pedantic and occasionally brilliant paeans to orthodoxy, that same orthodoxy which gave you the Scripture you read.I've enough on my plate. Between my job, teaching CCD classes, playing with my grandchildren and trying to use the all to limited time I have left in the day to pray, keep up with my reading and track my other interests, I'll have to leave it to God to work on you just as I trust that He brought me to the Catholic church and I trust in Him to keep me on the right path.There is much in popular Catholicism that I mistrust. Even so, having waded through the morass that passes for the Protestantism here in the States, I have to conclude that the Church is where I belong. hoosiertoo 02.13.06 - 11:15 am #

From Ted's site:

If you read the Bible and believe it for what it says, THESE are your
enemies:The Roman Catholic cult.The Synagogue of Satan (And all the "industries"
it controls).Their children from fornication...Fanatical Islam and the
Kakostocracy.The "Global Government of God" they are attempting to build to
"make the world a better place".'Nuff said!7FEB06@0845Zulu

Posted at Ted's site in response:

Enough said? hardly...

I lose patience with haloscan discussions, and my time really is limited.

Virtue untested? If only...

Now, having not seen any of your *ahem* arcane sources, I can only assume from your *ahem* theology that you were educated mostly by Jack Chick and his ilk. As I don't expect anything I am likely to say or post will change your mind, I'll start with a little reading assignment:

Jack Chick debunked

I wouldn't even know where to begin with Dread. His posts at least have comic value...

My e-mail addy is legit. Feel free to correspond, if you'd like. I will post this response to my blog, poor as it is, and you're welcome to respond there as well.Don't be in a hurry, as I stay busy.

Warning: anything you send in e-mail is liable to be posted to the blog, and I may invite others to the dance. You may do likewise, of course.

Peace to you,
hoosiertoo (Don)

This ought to be entertaining...

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