Saturday, February 11, 2006


Hoosier Nation in Disarray

Following the debacle in Bloomington vs. Iowa today, Hoosier Nation is looking at 5 losses in the Big Ten(11) and a 13-8 overall record.

Losers of 5 of 6 and seemingly unable to win on the road, with a team that looks to be in disarray and, according to more than one source, a coach who intends to resign are all signs that don't augur well for the rest of the season.

I gave up weeks ago. IU basketball has become unwatchable. Consistently poor fundamentals, matador defense and inconsistent play, not to mention the ugliest offense in NCAA Div 1.

The only good news is that Mike Davis is probably out. Unfortunately, it's also bad news. Davis, whatever his faults as a coach, seems to be a genuinely good guy and is well-liked by his players. It's hard to feel good about anything to do with this whole sad situation.

Even worse, the timetable is up in the air and the players seem to be demoralized. If Mike Davis is truly on the way out, it would be best to end it now, rather than drag it out for the rest of the season.

The King is terminally ill. It's time to choose his successor and finish it.

Long live the King - whoever it is to be.

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