Monday, January 23, 2006


Pneumonia, asthma and other fun stuff...

Went to the hospital Thursday. Chest pains, difficulty w/breathing and just generally feeling crappy. Danged if they didn't keep me for three days. Apparently, some nasty little strep bug got into my lungs. Coincidentally, I seem to have triggered an asthma attack - I condition I was blissfully unaware that I had until Thursday - and the resultant low oxygen saturation kicked up angina.

Already a 1 time loser in the heart attack game, and after a couple of hours of not breathing and being in pain, I took off for the emergency room.

Drove myself, of course.

Saved money on the ambulance ride, at least. They give you funny looks when you walk into ER and announce that you think you might be having a heart attack.

For future reference: If you have a nasty little cough for a couple of months, you might want to see a doctor. Pneumonia ain't much fun.

And all those little angina attacks that the nitro didn't help just might've been asthma attacks. God knows whats triggering them - but working in a truck shop there's no end to the opportunity to suck in bad particles.

Nasty things, trucks.

More advice: If you think you're having a heart attack, it might not be a bad idea to hitch a ride to the ER. Passing out while driving yourself could make a bad day for somebody besides you, and make your day worse.

Not that I'm much good at taking my own advice...


Now that the Steelers have beaten the Bronchos, I suppose I don't feel so bad as I did after the Colts' loss to Pittsburgh last week. Pittsburgh look like they're more than capable of winning it all this year. I suppose I'll root for the Steelers. They are in the AFC, after all.

The Year of the Horse, my butt.

OTOH, my Hoosiers are doing well in NCAA basketball, having just beat Purdue this weekend - for the 9th time of the last 11 games - it has not been a total loss this winter.

IU 62 - Purdue 49

4 - 1 and atop the Big Ten!

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