Friday, December 23, 2005


'Twas the day before a three day weekend...

and I'm feeling a wee bit guilty about not accomplishing a damned thing besides consuming mass quantities of coffee and holiday treats.

At this rate I'm going to be able to apply for the role of Jabba the Hut in the live action version of Star Wars.

So here I sit in my new office, listening to Grey Eye Glances and perusing the web whilst attempting to put my thoughts - seemingly as shallow as my work ethic today - to cyber paper.

I love Jennifer Nobel's voice.

"Here I am, traveling this moment again..."

Well-crafted pop songs, lyrics for adults and smooth arrangements. Why didn't I run across this band earlier in their career?

"Snow" is a wonderful song, surely worthy of winter airplay. Beats the hell out of the vapid nonsense that passes for the vast majority of holiday music.


In my inbox, from the Constution Party:

Jim Clymer, Chairman of the Constitution Party, believes that a major
change is in order.

"Both the House and the Senate have been thoroughly corrupted by
influence-peddling for decades," Clymer said. "But the solution is not to return
the Democrats to power or to elect a more ethical Republican majority. The
solution is to jettison the two major parties altogether and to start afresh
with principle-based leadership."

The unprecedented levels of graft and influence-peddling in Washington
are the predictable result of a legally-protected bipartisan oligarchy more
concerned with party loyalty than with upholding their Constitutional oath of
office, Clymer said.

"The two major parties," Clymer pointed out, "are not very far apart on
a wide range of policy issues, in spite of widespread perceptions. Both
Republicans and Democrats show near-total disregard for constitutional limits on
their own power. The result is a federal government of almost unlimited clout,
whose favors are for sale to the highest bidder."

Clymer believes Americans are ready for a sea change in party politics. Pointing to the recent special election in California's 48th Congressional district, in which Jim Gilchrist, running for the American Independent Party (the Constitution Party's California affiliate), made a very strong showing, Clymer noted that Gilchrist outpolled both major party candidates on election day, losing the overall election only because absentee ballots favored his Republican opponent.

Maybe I'm just being unusually grumpy, but as a supporter of 3rd parties since the '70's - usually Libertines, errr, Libertarians - I'll believe the electorate is ready for a sea change when I see it.

And I haven't, and don't see it now.

I gave up my affiliation with the LP. I'll not get involved with the Constitution Party either, although I may cast a vote for their candidates as a rather desultory protest against the status quo.

Absent a wholesale revival of the American people - in mind, spirit and body - I suspect nothing will change, except for the worse.

How long did the Roman republic rot from within before the Caesars ended the charade? I predict it won't be much longer for the American republic. An increasingly ignorant, apathetic and amoral electorate is already proving itself incapable of self-governance and lacks the critical skill to parse the BS that they are being fed by their political masters.

I either need more coffee or a beer. Or to start smoking dope again. I'm beginning to depress myself.

Good thing this is my blog, and no-one else will likely read this bilge. I can edit it away tomorrow.

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